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N°004 — Exposing our Screen

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After the screen has dried, and now that our first layer has been printed off and oiled, we are ready to expose the image onto the screen.

The following slideshow will outline the steps in brief:

1. Load the light machine. Place the screen on top of the image facedown. Place the vacuum tip on the mesh. Close the top and lock it in place.

2. Turn on the vacuum and make sure all the air has been removed.

3. Turn the timer on to 3:30, which activates the light. 3:30 is perfect for our CMYK process.

4. Turn the vacuum off after 3:30, unlock the lid, and bring the screen over to the washing station.

5. Use a low pressure hose to wash away the exposed emulsion. A positive of your image will emerge.

6. Transport to the drying racks.

* N.B. You will need to let your screen fully dry before continuing on to the printing stage in the next step