N°005 — Printing our Layer

1. Click the mouse to play/pause.

2. Press 1-5 to skip to the corresponding steps on the right.

3. Press 0 to go back to the beginning of the short.

* N.B. OpenGL & GSVideo were used to make this sketch interactive. Currently, there are problems with Processing 2.0 when exporting these sketches as web embeds. An application has been created, however, that works. Mac OSX needed. Click here to download the application needed for the interactive elements listed to the left.

After our exposed screen has dried, it is ready for printing.

Following are the steps outlined in brief:

1. Load your screen with ink on the bottom. We are using transparent base + magenta pigment for our magenta layer.

2. Flood your screen. Before pushing the squeegees, prop up your screen so the ink does not accidentally transfer over to our paper.

3. Switch on the vacuum table. Our paper will be suctioned to our table, allowing for easier screening.

4. Remove the prop, and pull the squeegee.

5. Lift the screen, remove your paper from its alignment tabs, and place on the drying rack.

Afterwards, repeat for all our other 3 layers. Utilize registration marks for easier alignment.