celebrate exchange.
meet platter.


Platter is an online community that connects people together by creating a local marketplace for goods and services. It serves as a hub for exchanging based on one's needs.


Instantly connect with others and discover offers and services
in your community and beyond.

Instantly connect with others and discover offers and services in your community and beyond.

designed for you

We'll take the time to know you when you're setting up your account. Select your interests and we'll filter for offers that pertain to you.


Geo-locatation is built into the architecture of Platter. Hone in and explore the goods and events happening in your neighbourhood.


Thinking of what to share? Your imagination is the limit. Countless possibilities are being added daily.

create connections

Connect with other users that share the same interests as you. Post up your offers, or create listings for your requests!

increase your reach

With social networks integrated into Platter, you can keep your friends and peers up to date with your activity, and vice versa.


Attend one of your local Platter events and experience what this community has to offer.

message hub

Explore Platter's community and beyond through exchanging, attending events, and more. It all begins in our message center, which syncs to your email client as well.

shipping integration

Say goodbye to shipping woes. With simplified shipping forms, shipping confirmations, live tracking, and partnerships with postal services in 50+ countries and counting, the ride could not be any smoother.

a tap away

Along with apps for iOS and Android, our fully featured browser experience have all our bases covered. And with all your data synced to the cloud, you aren't limited to just one device.

tailored for you

Platter learns what you like over time and compiles the most relevant listings for you.

lead the way

With tooltips and suggestions, you'll never be lost. Restart the tutorial at any time as well.

advanced search

Narrow down your results even further with options like location, categories, deadlines, and more.

switch users

Platter allows you to share your platform device as well. One tap and you're good to go.

always alert

Feel at ease while using Platter with automatic encryption and backups of your data on our servers.

accessible 24/7

Platter is accessible when you want it to be with updates real time, and support staff always on hand.

A brief look

the team