I was raised to be a doctor, but realized during my third year into a human biology and psychology degree that it was OK to accept that this was no longer my passion and to take time to find it again. I soon stumbled upon old episodes of Design Matters, and with it, a new interest: design.

I believe that technology can never replace us, but because of it, we’re able to do and dream up so much more. I’m putting this belief into practice at Palantir to help some of the world’s most important institutions solve global problems.

Prior to this, I interned at Facebook, Bakken & Bæck, Huge’s UX School, and Monnet Design, and freelanced at Tiny Hearts and Format. I completed my undergrad at the York/Sheridan Program in Design.

Beyond systems thinking and pixels, I maintain an ongoing archive of dog gifs (pugs, frenchies, and corgi butts are particular favourites), talk to my plants, make exhaustive lists, and take pleasure in plumping up friends during food walks.